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The Secret of Rover

Life is sweet for twins Katie and David until a strange new nanny arrives to care for them while their parents are abroad. Then their parents are kidnapped, and the nanny is in on the plot. The kidnappers want to get their hands on Rover, a top-secret spy device invented by Katie and David’s parents and their Uncle Alex. 

Katie and David have only one hope: their uncle. But Uncle Alex is a recluse who lives in Vermont, and they have never met him. Reaching him means escaping their nanny and racing north from their home in Washington, D.C., with time running out and the kidnappers hot on their trail. Will Katie and David find him, and save their parents?

Readers will race to the end of this thrilling tale of two resourceful kids caught up in a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

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ISBN: 9780810997103