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About Rachel Wildavsky

Rachel Flick Wildavsky has been a writer since she was in high school in San Diego, California, when she began writing articles for the San Diego Reader. When she grew up, she moved on to newspapers and magazines such as Harpers, New York, The New Republic, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, the Reader's Digest, Commentary and more.   

In those years Rachel wrote about news or politics. She traveled around the world. She covered the White House and flew in the press plane. She witnessed historic events and interviewed famous people.

It was a lot of fun, but she always loved fiction best.  In 2004, after reading a story to her youngest child, Rachel decided to see if she could write one of her own. The minute she started, writing fiction was more fun than everything else she'd done put together. Her first book,The Secret of Rover, was published by Amulet Books in March, 2011.

Rachel is a graduate of the College of the University of Chicago. She has lived almost her whole adult life in or around Washington DC. Today she and her family live in Chevy Chase, Maryland, a DC suburb.