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How Rachel Wrote The Secret of Rover


"I’m Rachel Wildavsky. I always wanted to write fiction, but for most of my life I had one problem: I could never think up a plot. I had no imagination!

"Then — in a flash of inspiration — I broke the code. I’ll never forget that moment, or the key to the breakthrough." 

That’s the story Rachel shares in this presentation. Kids love to hear it – especially since what worked for her, can work for them, too. Kids’ hands will be in the air as Rachel gathers their ideas and shows them how they can shape their free-flowing thoughts into a coherent and exciting narrative. 

After this exercise comes a short reading from Rover, and by this time, the kids listen like pros, hearing not just the story, but also the way it’s made. 

Rachel closes with Q & A, and that can be the end of it. Alternatively, a teacher or group leader may choose to follow up with a writing assignment, in the days after Rachel's visit."