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Second presentation: The Secret of Rover Book Group

The Secret of Rover is a page-turner, but beneath the adventure, it also develops important and timely themes. For groups that have already read ROVER, Rachel can lead a book-group-style discussion. She explains how, here:


"In this discussion, we begin by reviewing the events of the story. The kids help by describing the setting, situation, and characters,  and identifying the turning points in the plot.


With our memories refreshed, we brainstorm about the issues this story raises. Then we explore questions like these:


  • The various Bowdens look alike. Katie looks like her father, and Alex looks like his mother and his uncle. 

    • Does this matter? How?
    • Many families talk about looking alike. Why do you think they care? 
  • Theo  is adopted, and she looks different from the other Bowdens. 

    • How does her family respond to this?
  • Uncle Alex tells Katie and David that Katkajan “isn’t a bad country — there are no bad countries.There are only bad people, and most Katkajanians are good.” 

    • If that’s true, why do we fight wars?
  • Uncle Alex believes in sheltering children, with almost-disastrous consequences. 

    • When should kids be protected, and from what?

Kids care about these questions! By raising them, The Secret of Rover becomes the core of a lively and engaging book talk."